Political Charge Weekly Recap 6/10

Weekly Recap

I thought last week was jam packed with good news, but who knew that this week would bring an avalanche of great news! We have so much accountability and consequences happening to bad people. Let’s jump right in!

Good News

In a surprise 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court struck down Republican-drawn congressional districts in Alabama that civil rights activists say discriminated against Black voters

Following that decision, several ratings organizations changed 4 districts in Alabama and Louisiana from Solid Red to Toss Up — i.e. the SCOTUS decision could possibly net the Democrats up to 4 extra seats in the House!!

Former President Donald Trump has been indicted for a second time, this time on federal charges in relation to his handling of classified information while out of office. Read the indictment HERE

Walt Nauta, who was former President Donald Trump’s body man, was also indicted in special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into the mishandling of classified documents

Also, in a bombshell report, we learned that Mark Meadows, Trump’s last chief of staff, removed more than a 1,000 pages of classified documents from the White House late at night on the final evening of Trump’s presidency, & that he has testified before a federal grand jury hearing evidence in the investigations being led by the special counsel’s office

We also learned that more than 20 members of Mr. Trump’s Secret Service security detail have testified before Jack Smith’s Washington grand jury

A federal judge ruled that Tennessee’s first-in-the-nation law designed to place strict limits on drag shows is unconstitutional

Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., in connection with special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into Jan. 6

A Texas sheriff’s department has recommended that the district attorney bring criminal charges over Ron DeSantis’ so-called migrant relocation program

Rep. Lauren Boebert got caught lying — she said she skipped the debt limit vote as a “no-show protest” but video footage emerged of her running to get back into the chamber to make the vote but got there too late

A federal judge granted media organizations’ requests to unseal the names of the people who cosigned Rep. George Santos’s $500,000 bond in his criminal fraud case

A source familiar with the FBI document reviewed by House Oversight Committee members today told Fox News: “To be clear, the document does not say Joe Biden received any payments.”

The rebellion by far-right Republican representatives, still mad about the debt ceiling bill, has essentially shut down House business for a week

After making a ton of noise, the House Oversight Committee led by Republicans dropped its plans to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress

A federal judge has blocked Florida’s ban on gender-affirming care

71% of Americans think same-sex marriage should be legal, matching the high Gallup recorded in 2022

Fox News is exploring potential legal action against Tucker Carlson after he violated his contract by hosting a show on Twitter

The House Ethics Committee is relaunching its probe into Rep. Matt Gaetz over allegations that he was involved in a sex trafficking scheme

This year alone, 195 new bills were introduced in dozens of state legislatures, seeking to require that an expanding list of products be PFAS-free (forever chemicals)

Two national conservative groups appear to be laying the groundwork in Iowa to oppose former President Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican caucuses

A new Civiqs poll finds Gov. Ron DeSantis’s approval has collapsed — he currently has a net approval rating of negative 19 points

Nevada’s Republican governor is facing an almost $1.7 million ethics penalty for wearing his badge and uniform as Las Vegas-area sheriff in campaign photos

Murder is down 12% in over 90 U.S. cities with available data so far in 2023

Twitter’s U.S. advertising revenue is down down 59% from a year earlier

Chief Executive Chris Licht — responsible for the disastrous Trump town hall — is out at CNN

Call to Action

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