Political Charge Weekly Recap 6/3

Weekly Recap

Well, we can start off the weekend with a huge sigh of relief that we don’t have to worry about the debt ceiling anymore. That’s a big win. And there’s more, so keep reading!

Good News

The House and the Senate passed the debt ceiling bill

Nevada’s Joe Lombardo became one of the first Republican governors to enshrine protections for out-of-state abortion patients and in-state providers

The Oklahoma Supreme Court tossed out two abortion bans. “The court ruled that it had found that there is an inherent right of a pregnant woman to terminate a pregnancy when it is necessary to preserve her life.”

Federal prosecutors have an audio recording of Trump acknowledging he held onto a classified Pentagon document

As part of the effort to strip Confederate names from military bases, North Carolina’s Fort Bragg was renamed Fort Liberty

The U.S. economy continued to crank out jobs in May, with nonfarm payrolls surging more than expected despite multiple headwinds

xThe Bible has been removed from some elementary and middle schools in Utah for containing “vulgarity or violence,” after a Utah parent filed a challenge

The DOJ filed a lawsuit against the coal empire of WV Gov. Jim Justice over $5 million in unpaid fines related to health, safety and environmental violations

North Korea’s attempt to put the country’s first spy satellite into space failed

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) plans to resign his seat in Congress imminently, leaving Kevin McCarthy with a 3 seat margin in the House

Twitter is now worth just 33% of what Elon Musk paid for it

Another Oath Keeper was sentenced to 4 years in prison

Trump’s golf course in Scotland has been blacklisted by the British Open (a prestigious golf tournament)

Former Trump White House official Peter Navarro will stand trial in September on contempt of Congress charges

Also, there was a LOT of Republican infighting this week including:

  • Donald Trump attacked Kayleigh McEnany, his former press secretary, for using what he claimed were “wrong” poll numbers on a Fox News segment
  • Axios has reporting on how the Trump-DeSantis rivalry has turned “vicious”
  • Steve Bannon called for Marjorie Taylor Greene to be “primaried” after she voted for the debt ceiling bill
  • Roger Stone was caught on a hot mic explaining how he’s manipulated Trump over 30 years (the Daily Beast has those details)


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