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Political⚡Charge is where you can get the information you need to take charge of your political activism. Our democracy gets stronger when more people are actively engaging and shaping the political process. I am inspired by YOUR desire to affect change and am here to give you the inspiration and tools you need.

Here’s how a couple of my subscribers describe Political⚡Charge:

“A terrific resource to keep up with what’s happening and find actions to take, along with a dose of optimism.”

“My personal coach who rounds up the team in the locker room, tells us what we need for the next play, and keeps us fired up as we head back out to the field.”

I haven’t always done this kind of work. But after the 2016 election, I quickly learned that taking action was the best antidote to the worry, anger, and fear that I was experiencing. As I discovered helpful people and organizations who were generating calls to actions, I initially shared those resources on Twitter. Considering how quickly my account grew, it became clear that others were also hungry for that information, so I expanded into writing Political⚡Charge. 

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By Ann Telnaes, The Washington Post

Are you a fan of political cartoons? I do a round-up of the week’s best images from the nation’s best editorial cartoonists every Saturday morning

I also cover voting rights, gerrymandering/redistricting, explainers that cover topics in the news and how our government works, recommendations for other sources of good political information, and more.

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– Tokyo Sand

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