Do you know how often we have an election in America?

Before I answer, let me tell you that I didn’t always know the answer to this question. More accurately, I thought I did, but I was wrong.

After the 2016 election, I figured out that taking action was the best antidote to the worry, anger, and fear that I was experiencing. I needed to take charge. As I discovered helpful people and organizations who were generating calls to actions, I shared those resources on Twitter. Considering how quickly my account grew, it became clear that others were also hungry for that information.

In addition to learning how to keep our elected representatives accountable, I wanted to learn how we could influence better results in elections. Sure enough, I found a LOT of interest in that information, too. Twitter has been terrific, but it is limited.

Political ⚡ Charge is where you can come to get the information you need to take charge of your political activism. Our democracy gets stronger when more people are actively engaging and shaping the political process. I am inspired by YOUR desire to affect change and am here to give you the tools and ideas you need.

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As for the answer to the election question? There is an election in America almost every week. Essentially, if it is Tuesday, there is probably a special election to fill an empty legislative seat or a ballot measure that needs to be voted on.

– Tokyo Sand

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