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Voting is 100% more effective than complaining on the internet.

Why did I start Political Charge? Because of you. I am inspired by YOUR desire to affect change in politics and am here to give you the tools, information, and inspiration to help you achieve your goals. 

Like so many of you, the devastating outcome of the 2016 election felt personal. I couldn’t think straight for a week. But then, something wonderful happened. Quite by accident, I came across a pop-up website (run by people who felt like I did) that posted one small action people could take every day leading up to the inauguration. It was a protest in miniature. So, I took them up on their challenge and completed one of their actions.

And that’s when the magic happened. I felt great. It was such a marked change in how I had been feeling that I really noticed it. And the lesson became clear: Taking action is the best antidote to worry. 

I was hooked. I started researching, and shared the helpful resources I was finding over on Twitter, where my account grew by leaps and bounds. Folks were also clearly hungry for this information and were grateful that I had done the legwork. It was my followers on Twitter who encouraged me to start a website so that the information I was sharing wouldn’t disappear, and here we are!

What my readers have said about Political Charge:

“Well researched and well explained. I love the positivity and suggestions for taking action instead of just getting mad.”

“Political Charge has helped me understand complex issues quickly and easily. It helps me be a part of conversations I would have previously avoided from lack of a basic point of reference. Thank you, Political Charge, for making me a better citizen!”

“Actions to take are super helpful. Your post about texting for the November election was awesome because it told me everything I needed to do.”

Political Charge is perfect for you if: 

… You want to help Democrats win their elections and ensure that Republicans up and down the ballot get voted out. 

… You are concerned about disinformation, and want to counteract it.

… You support expanding voting rights, and preventing voter suppression.

… You are worried about how fragile our democracy is, and want to strengthen it.

… You want to inspire others to take action.

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Let’s go get some wins!

~ Tokyo Sand


By Ann Telnaes, The Washington Post


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