It’s About Time for Some Good News!

good news

Perhaps it is just that I am feeling positive these days, but there’s been a lot of good news these past couple of weeks. Need a political pick-me-up? Read on!

Voter registrations spiked the week of the Roe v Wade reversal — up 627% in Missouri and up 1,038 in Kansas!

The House and Senate passed the CHIPS Act, which helps U.S. companies compete with China by funding domestic semiconductor manufacturing and science research.

Massachusetts ended child marriage. (Previously there was no minimum age to marry.)

One America News (OAN), a far-right media organization, is being dropped by Verizon. They have now lost their presence in over 20 million homes this year.

Nearly 18 million people watched the last January 6th Committee hearing.

The Pennsylvania woman who stormed the Capitol on January 6th and recorded herself saying she wanted to shoot Speaker Nancy Pelosi was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

A D.C. man who attacked police officers with poles on 1/6 was sentenced to more than 5 years in prison, one of the longest terms so far for an insurrectionist.

A recent Emerson College poll found that the Democrats have nearly closed a 9 point Republican lead in the generic ballot down to 1 point — 45% to 44%.

After public outcry that Hulu wasn’t allowing Democratic political ads about guns or abortions on their network, they relented.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a gun bill into law that’s modeled on Texas’ abortion law — namely, that private citizens can bring civil lawsuits against anyone who manufactures or distributes assault weapons in the state.

Judge J. Michelle Childs was confirmed by the Senate to sit on D.C.’s prestigious federal appellate court. She will be one of two women of color on the court.

Steve Bannon was found guilty of being in contempt of Congress. His sentencing will come in the fall.

Gas prices have come down every day for 5 weeks now.

McConnell is reportedly worried that the Republicans might not retake the Senate.

J.D. Vance’s (R) campaign for Ohio Senate is broke.

Senator Josh Hawley being mocked endlessly on social media for running away from the 1/6 rioters, after egging them on with his fist bump, gives me GREAT joy.

President Biden tested negative for COVID after a five-day isolation and is feeling good.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Thank you! It’s nice to receive good news!

  2. Your messages are always brief & to the point, but this one with a string of short, good news makes for easy remembering.

  3. This is all good and, like you, I take particular pleasure in the Hawley-mocking.

  4. Excellent news in many areas!

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