Republican Dirty Tricks on the Primary Ballot

Republicans have made it abundantly clear that they want to take away women’s rights to healthcare, particularly abortion access. The lengths they are going to in Kansas is, well, just keep reading.

Back in 2019, Kansas’ state Supreme Court delivered a decision that clarified that yes, Kansans have a constitutional right to abortion in the state. (You can read more about that decision HERE.) This ruling has prevented the state legislature from passing a total abortion ban, like we’re seeing in so many other states.

The state legislature is dominated by Republicans — the state Senate is 29-11 and the state House is 86-39. They have a supermajority in the legislature, which is strong enough to override any vetoes that could come from their Democratic Governor, Laura Kelly. But that constitutional right is getting in their way.

So, they’ve put a constitutional amendment on the ballot which, if it passes, would change the Kansas constitution to take away the right to an abortion. At which point, the state legislature can pass a total abortion ban. What makes me angry is that they aren’t waiting until the general election in November, when a larger group of voters would be voting on this proposed amendment. No, they’re sneaking an amendment — a massive change!! — onto a primary ballot when they know a majority of voters in Kansas won’t be paying attention.

Furthermore, the language of the amendment that voters will see on the ballot is incredibly confusing. Take a look:

This language is incredibly confusing and does not help the voter who is looking at this for the first time in the voting booth understand what’s at stake. But for all of you reading — whether you’re in Kansas, or can share this with friends and family in Kansas — the important thing to remember is, IF YOU’RE PRO-CHOICE, VOTE NO.

A great resource to check out and share is: Vote No Kansas: Preserve the Right to Abortion

The polling on this issue shows it’ll be incredibly close. Like, neck and neck. Money is pouring into the state to push voters on this issue and exit polling is showing an incredibly competitive outcome. Voters in the state are telling me that they are inundated with information about this amendment, but their chief concern is that pro-choice voters don’t know that they need to vote NO to protect abortion rights. So please, I ask you to grab the link to this article or the website I linked above and post it wherever you can — in your social media channels, maybe even in the comments of other people’s posts about abortion access or the upcoming election, or email it to friends who can pass it on.

Thank you for helping mobilize the vote in Kansas. Next Tuesday, Kansans could lose the right — overnight — to reproductive healthcare. Let’s do what we can to prevent that.

Thank you for taking action!

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  1. The wording of the voting issue is clearly, sexist, so, how can the state say, that they “value” women, when, they’re, taking away the rights of what we do, with our, bodies???

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