Special Elections in January 2019

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Look at any Tuesday and there is a high chance that an election is happening somewhere in the country. Post midterms, we should expect a lot of movement–new governors asking state legislators to join their administration which then opens up seats that need special elections to fill.

I keep a lookout for any state and federal level elections and list them all in a monthly post, but I could use your help to find any local elections. If your city or county has an election and you want me to add it to my monthly roundup post, write me a comment and I’ll add it to the appropriate post. 

So far in January, there are two special elections scheduled. If this is your district, make sure you vote! For everyone else, please share this with your network to spread the word in order to increase awareness and turnout!

Click on highlighted text to learn the specifics about that election. 

January 8 (Tu)

Virginia State Senate District 33

Georgia U.S. House District 5   Note: There are no Democrats running in this race. The longtime incumbent in this seat, Republican John Meadows, died four days after winning re-election with 81% of the vote in the midterms.

January 29 (Tu)

Texas State House District 79

Texas State House District 145

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  1. That is eye-opening! I had no idea about special elections throughout the year!

    • Yup. Legislators leave positions mid-cycle for a number of reasons. Multiply that over 1000s of State positions and you get a lot of seats that need to be filled long before the next regular election.

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