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Earlier this week, I received a comment on one of my good news posts from a follower who asked, “What good news could there possibly be when Republicans control the House?” I’m so glad they asked.

First, regular readers of Political Charge know that I have my own definition of good news — certainly they include policy wins in Congress, but also in the state legislatures, executive orders by the President or Governors that help regular Americans, winning elections (at all levels of government), good judicial decisions (again, at all levels), but I also like to include news about accountability happening to people who deserve it, and when Republicans are in disarray. All of these things make me smile.

This week’s list covers many of those categories. Enjoy!

Good News

The economy under Biden shows no signs of stopping. The U.S. added a stunning 517,000 jobs in January, beating expectations by a lot

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) signed a bill codifying access to reproductive care, making the state the first since the midterms to add substantial legal protections protecting the right to abortion

A Jan. 6 defendant who sprayed a chemical irritant at about 15 police officers — and later bragged about it in a video interview — was sentenced Wednesday to 68 months in prison

Donald Trump’s political operation has spent more money since he left office on his legal issues than it has on Republican congressional campaigns

Democrats have moved to undercut the coming Republican House investigations by enlisting polling firms and focus groups to try and protect Biden as the 2024 campaign approaches

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has pulled Sen. Rick Scott, who tried to oust him as the Senate’s top Republican in a bruising leadership race, off the powerful Commerce Committee

Unlawful border crossings dropped by 40% in January source

Embattled Rep. George Santos said he is stepping off all of his committees

The DOJ is looking into Santos’ financial disclosures, and the FBI is investigating his role in an alleged GoFundMe scheme involving a disabled U.S. Navy veteran’s dying service dog

No classified documents were found during the FBI’s search of President Joe Biden’s house

This headline from CBS: “Michigan Republicans are in turmoil as their leaders navigate tricky Trump terrain”

The Biden administration’s plan to jump-start a domestic supply chain for electric vehicles is on track to shatter expectations source


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  1. Wow this is very powerful, thank you for keeping us informed about GOOD stuff that is happening!

  2. I miss all the editorial cartoons you used to send. I preferred that to commentary.

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