It’s Time To Get Postcarding Again!

Pop quiz! When is the best time to reach out to voters?

Did you say right before an election? Because while yes, that is a crucial period to turn out the vote, research shows that by that time, voters have already made up their mind and just need that last reminder to get to the polls. So when is it that they learn about who’s running in the election and whether or not they’re going to support that candidate?

Well, many months prior to the election! So today, I wanted to take a moment and let you all know about three organizations with postcarding campaigns that are active right now, or are about to start.

Postcards To Voters – They’ve got active campaigns happening right now. You can read all about their current postcarding campaign for a state Senate seat HERE.

Field Team 6 – They’re active right now. Their focus is on registering Democrats. You can learn more about them and sign up for an account HERE.

Postcards to Swing States – They are gearing up to get started again in early April. They’ll be focusing on the statewide elections happening this year in Virginia and New Jersey. And both of those states have primaries in June so the time to get involved is right now! Sign up HERE.

If there are other active postcarding groups, do let me know. I’d love to add them to this list. Also, you can always check MobilizeUs for additional opportunities!

Thanks for taking action!

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