Let’s Spread Some Cheer For Our Election Workers

For six long weeks, election workers have heard an avalanche of vitriol and lies about the November election from the current president, his allies, and scores of Republican legislators. I’d be feeling pretty unappreciated if I were in their shoes. So, in the spirit of the holidays, let’s do something nice for them.

I first saw this suggestion in my friend Jessica Craven’s activism newsletter, Chop Wood Carry Water, and have since seen it all over Twitter. I just love the idea. Not only will we be giving a boost to the hard-working election officials, but you’ll feel better too. If you’re wondering why that is, read my post 4 Reasons Why Expressing Gratitude Can Lessen Your Stress from last year.

The good folks at Protect Our Elections have made expressing our thanks incredibly easy. They have an easy-to-use tool where you input your name and choose your county from a drop down menu, and it’ll automatically email your local county’s election official a lovely thank you note. You have the opportunity to edit the message if you’d like, but here’s the language they pre-populate for you:

I am writing today to thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do, to ensure a safe and secure election in our county this year.

I want to let you know that I do not believe the conspiracy theories about voter fraud. I think these accusations are a gross assault on local officials like you, and run counter to everything I believe about America. I want you to know that there are far more people out here who appreciate and value what you do.

I am part of a movement to strengthen the bond between election officials and their communities by offering my sincere appreciation, and I am reaching out today to express my commitment to our electoral process, and to share my support for hardworking election officials like you.

Thank you so much for all that you do in service of democracy – you are one of America’s #ElectionHeroes.

I hope you will join me today in thanking your local county elections official. Again, you can access this nifty tool HERE. After you send your own message, I hope you will share this post with your friends or on your social media. I’d love to hear that tons of messages get sent out. Let’s spread some holiday cheer!


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  1. I used this tool. InNYS, each county has two election commissioners, one Dem one Rep. This tool only populated the Democrat who is being replaced he is so bad. The Rep. commissioner is a perfectly fine public servant as far as I can tell. I will call her with this message. Just thought I’d let you know 😊

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