3 Essential Resources For Anyone Attending a Protest

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The arrival of Trump’s unidentified federal “secret police” in cities such as Portland and Chicago, and others, is swelling the number of people at protests. If you are planning to go to a protest soon, here are a few resources you should have.

Know Your Rights: Protester’s Rights from the ACLU

This helpful guide breaks down what your rights are as a protester, including information about how you can exercise your free speech rights, plus what to do if you want to take pictures/video at a protest and your rights if you are stopped by the police.

How to Protest Safely: What to Bring, What to Do, and What to Avoid from Wired

This is an incredibly useful guide has a great checklist of things to bring with you, how to get in the right mindset, and how best be part of the community of protesters.

Be Prepared If Things Go Wrong from Right to Protest

This helpful guide covers how to prepare ahead of time, maintaining your privacy, and crucial tips regarding the use of your mobile phone.

Be safe out there, my friends.

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  1. Your posting this is a great service.

    • Thank you, Marsha. I’m thrilled to see so many people want to take part in a protest and am happy to be of service to make sure people are sufficiently prepared.

  2. Valuable resources!!! Thank you so much for this!


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