How to Help Re-Elect Senator Doug Jones

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In order to flip the Senate this November, we need to flip 4 Republican seats. That’s while making sure we don’t lose any Democratic seats. And I’m sorry to say that the great Senator Doug Jones (D) from Alabama has a very tough race on his hands.

In 2016, Trump won Alabama by a massive margin — a whopping 28 point margin. Senator Richard Shelby won re-election that year by 29 points.

Now, since 2016, Trump’s approval rating in Alabama has decreased 8 points. But as of February, his approval rate was still above water at 62%. To say that Senator Jones has an uphill battle would be putting it mildly.

All that said, Senator Jones is worth fighting for. As only one example of how he stands for truth, he repeatedly called for his fellow Senators to do impartial justice throughout the impeachment process and got onto social media every day throughout the process to explain to his constituents what was going on. And ultimately, Jones decided to convict Trump on both articles.

More than ever, we need people like Doug Jones to be Senators. It’s going to take a lot of us working together to make sure he wins this race.

Who is running against Doug Jones?

The two Republican candidates who advanced from the primary to a runoff election (set for mid-July), are Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville. Both men are extremely well known in the state. Jeff Sessions was formerly the Senator of Alabama before he became Trump’s Attorney General. Tommy Tuberville is best known for being the head football coach at Auburn University. So far, the GOP primary has been very divisive, which could help Doug Jones in the long run.

How you can help Doug Jones keep his Senate seat

No surprise, it’s going to take good old fashioned organizing and investment.

1. Get involved with his campaign. Most importantly, donate. The Republicans are pouring money into the state to flip this seat and Jones will need our donations to fight back the attacks that are coming. Then, sign up to volunteer. They’ll let you know how you can help, no matter where you’re from!

2. Share how to vote absentee due to COVID19. As long as the state of Alabama remains in a state of emergency due to the pandemic, all voters are allowed to vote absentee, per THIS MEMO. Send this info to any friends you may have in the state, or create social media posts with these links.

3. Support the Alabama Democratic party. Donate to them, ask them how you can help with voter registration drives, or boosting the number of volunteers they have to help with campaigns. They did an amazing job mobilizing the vote for Doug Jones in 2017, and will use your resources well. Here are the Twitter handles for several of the local Alabama Democratic party organizations: @TuscaloosaDems  @BaldwinDemocrat @UADemocrats  @AUCDems  @YoungdemsBham

4. Support Alabama’s League of Women Voters. They organize voter registration drives and have events to inform and connect voters with the candidates.

Do you have other ideas of how we can help re-elect Doug Jones to the Senate this November, particularly ideas for folks outside the state who want to help? If so, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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