Sunday Reading: My Recommendations


Every Sunday, I like to share a few articles that I found interesting or thought-provoking from the past week. Here are three that touch on topics I like to cover a lot on this blog.

Five Possible Supreme Court Rulings on Partisan Gerrymandering

Any day now, we are expecting the Supreme Court to rule on gerrymandering — there are multiple cases at stake but how they rule will impact everything. Here the Brennan Center details the five most plausible outcomes.

Your complete (fish) wrap up for the New York Times debacle

As you might have surmised from my cartoon roundup post yesterday, I am unhappy that the New York Times decided to get rid of their editorial cartoonists. Here, the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists have pulled together several op-eds and articles about that decision, sprinkled with more cartoons.

Trump rules by crisis, and now he wants a war. Can we stop it before it starts?

The Sacramento Bee published this opinion piece co-penned by none other than George Lakoff, whose writings have helped many understand how Republicans frame issues and how we can counteract them. Here he and his co-author Gil Duran explain how Trump is framing the Iran story in order to march us towards war, and how we can fight back against his narrative.

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