8 Weekends Left Until Midterms: Register a New Voter Challenge


“You could sit there and say, “Oh, the problem’s too big, I’ll never be able to change it.” That’s a cop-out. It’s a responsibility to your brothers and sisters in the world. That should be your number-one concern. You are responsible for what this world is and how it is and all it is.” ~Betty Williams

If we turn out voters to vote for the Democrats, we will win November. We’ll see governor’s mansions, state legislatures, Congress, election officials, attorneys general, etc. all change parties. We will finally have people who believe in voting rights and healthcare and so many things we value in positions of power. This is what we’re working to accomplish.

If you’ve been following my weekly challenge series, you’ve already picked the top candidates you’re concentrating on, and are getting pretty knowledgable about their positions.

Now is the time to make sure as many voters as possible are registered so they can vote for your candidates. Many states set a deadline of one month out from the general election by which voters need to be registered, so getting folks signed up is a huge priority for September. And, National Voter Registration Day is on September 25!

Here are 13 ways you can get involved in registering voters:

1. Add the I Will Vote link to your phone and share it whenever the opportunity strikes.

2. Check in with your county’s Democratic party organization. Check their website for upcoming events, stop by their office, or call them to find out how you can help their voter registration efforts.

3. If any of your friends/family live overseas or are serving in the military overseas, the U.S. Vote Foundation can help them get registered to vote and has the information you need. Please share their link with them.

4. Swing Left has a terrific guide for groups who want to plan voter registration events. It covers planning, finding a good location, best practices, and more.

5. Are you a student at a university or college? Work with Campus Vote Project to make your campus one that empowers students to register and vote. Sign up to learn more.

6. If you work at a university, they likely have an AAUW (American Association of University Women) branch. They organize voter registration events. Check in with them.

7. Voto Latino employs a number of different strategies to grow and engage the Latinx voting community. Sign up to volunteer with them. They also have a tool where you can send voter registration reminders to friends and family.

8. Your local NAACP office likely holds voter registration events. Find your local chapter and ask them about their voter registration efforts.

9. Rock the Vote is focused on building the youth vote. Get their free voter registration toolkit and learn how to hold your own event.

10. If you’re involved with a nonprofit, look at the upcoming webinars offered by Nonprofit Vote, as they tackle issues like getting communities involved with your nonprofit to be more engaged voters.

11. Get involved with the League of Women Voters. Not only can you sign up to get action alerts regarding helping folks get access to voting, but your local LWV office no doubt holds voter registration events. Help them at their next event.

12. Become a volunteer deputy registrar in your state. Your state provides the training so you are knowledgable about registering people in your state. Google “deputy registrar” and the name of your state.

13. Check in at your local candidates’ campaign offices and ask if they need any volunteers for upcoming voter registration events.

With less than 60 days left until the midterms, getting every voter registered right now is crucial. Be sure to be involved with voter registration efforts to help your candidates out. Next week, we’ll have a new challenge.

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