2020 Elections: The Governors’ Races

There’s a lot more at stake in 2020 than just who sits in the White House. For example, redistricting will happen in 2020, and in most states, governors either sign or veto the maps that the state legislatures draw up…. Read More ›

Did the Electoral College Just Get Upended?

This is the twist that no one saw coming. What happened? The voices demanding that the Electoral College be abolished have been getting louder and louder of late, with many people preferring to go with a national popular vote to pick our presidents. That would take changing the Constitution, no easy feat. The National Popular […]

Washington 8/7 Primary: At a Glance

This November, Washington is a battleground state. Both the state legislature and federal House elections are highly competitive for both parties. Here’s the 411 on Washington’s primary. Washington has its statewide primary election on Tuesday, August 7. If you’re a… Read More ›