Why is the Equal Rights Amendment in the News Again?

Has anyone been watching the Mrs. America series? It’s all about conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly and the fight she led against the Equal Rights Amendment movement during the 1970s. The series is fantastic, and I highly recommend it. But I’m… Read More ›

Saturday Cartoons 12/7

  I think editorial cartoonists are amazing. Being able to synthesize and editorialize a news story in a single drawing that elicits strong reactions from viewers? Genius. Here are some of the nation’s best cartoonists on this week’s biggest news… Read More ›

No, It’s Not Treason

Words are extremely powerful. And so it is important that we use them properly. On his show last night, Lawrence O’Donnell made the excellent point that none of us should be throwing around the word “treason” right now. It is… Read More ›

Republicans are Weak

I’ll make it short. The Republicans in Congress are weak. There will be no clearer example of their utter abdication of their oath of office than what will happen in the Senate today. Mitch McConnell is bringing up two bills… Read More ›