2018 Primaries

The primaries are over. Here’s what the general election landscape looks like.

What do we know now, that we didn’t know when the primaries started back in March? After a long primary season (which ended last night), we are all eager to move on to general election campaigning season. It’s go time… Read More ›

Primary Elections: September 2018

The last set of primary elections before the midterms are here. Flipping Congress, governor’s mansions, and state legislatures are the only ways we can hold this administration accountable and slow down their efforts. Raising awareness of the primary elections happening… Read More ›

Delaware 9/6 Primary: At a Glance

Although Delaware doesn’t have a governor’s race, there are several competitive and very consequential races this year. Here’s the 411 on Delaware’s primary. Delaware has its statewide primary election on Thursday, September 6. If you’re a voter in Delaware, all… Read More ›

Alaska 8/21 Primary: At a Glance

Alaska politics aren’t like politics in the lower 48. Between their red-hot governor’s race and coalitions in the state legislature, there’s a lot at stake in November. Here’s the 411 on Alaska’s primary. Alaska has its statewide primary election on… Read More ›