Saturday Cartoons 9/1

Editorial cartoonists are amazing. How they distill our crazy, infuriating news cycle and turn them into an image that packs a serious punch is beyond me. Here’s how they tackled this week’s news. Which ones strike you the most? —>


Did the Electoral College Just Get Upended?

This is the twist that no one saw coming. What happened? The voices demanding that the Electoral College be abolished have been getting louder and louder of late, with many people preferring to go with a national popular vote to pick our presidents. That would take changing the Constitution, no easy feat. The National Popular […]

Why is Iowa So Important?

You’ve likely seen news coverage of various 2020 presidential candidates hanging out in Iowa. Are you wondering why they’re always there? Well, Iowa is rather important to the presidential primary process. Why? Iowa is first. Back in 1972 (after a… Read More ›

What Leadership Looks Like

Does Trump understand what it means to lead the country? I don’t think he does. This becomes especially apparent during times of crisis. The man is incapable of thinking about anything beyond himself and his ego, and is therefore incapable… Read More ›