A Sneak Peek

Are you already annoyed by how the media is covering the Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential election? I sure am. After the dreadful coverage in 2016, when the media fixated on non-substantial issues and covered the various presidential candidates… Read More ›

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Editorial cartoonists tell the midterms story. From Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune: From Bill Bramhall, NY Daily News: From Ken Catalino: From Drew Sheneman, Tribune Content Agency: From Matt Davies, Newsday: ⚡

Primary Elections: September 2018

The last set of primary elections before the midterms are here. Flipping Congress, governor’s mansions, and state legislatures are the only ways we can hold this administration accountable and slow down their efforts. Raising awareness of the primary elections happening… Read More ›