Weekly Recap 11/11: Dems Win Big

Weekly Recap

There are few things in this day and age that are sweeter than a great Election Night. We are facing so many challenges in our country, and it is so gratifying to see citizens voting and exercising their voices. If you hadn’t already heard, democracy and Democrats had a GREAT night on Tuesday. I’ve listed some of our big wins.

Also, happy Veteran’s Day!

Good News – Our Election Wins

Democrats flipped the Virginia state House of Delegates and hung onto the state Senate, denying Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) the trifecta he wanted.

Not only did Andy Beshear win re-election as Kentucky’s governor, but he overperformed from his first election in 2019.

Ohio voters enshrined a number of reproductive rights, including access to abortion, birth control pills, fertility treatments, and more, in their state Constitution!

Democratic candidate Judge Daniel McCaffrey won the open seat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Remember when Trump went after the Central Park 5 with no evidence, and then DNA evidence proved their innocence, and all of them were exonerated? Well one of them, Yusef Salaam, won a seat Tuesday on the New York City Council.

In the only congressional election of the night, Gabe Amo (D) won the special election to replace Rep. David Cicilline (Rhode Island, 1st district). This is a Dem HOLD.

Democrat Cherelle Parker has won the Philadelphia mayoral race. She becomes the first woman, and Black woman, to hold the position. This is a Dem HOLD.

In Pennsylvania, not only did Democrats sweep the state’s judicial elections, but they also celebrated a wave of wins in county commissions, which double as boards of election in the state — hugely important as we head into 2024.

Two, far right, so called ‘constitutional sheriffs’ were tossed out of office — one in Virginia, one in Washington.

All over the country, the book-banning, right wing, poorly named Moms for Liberty school board candidates lost big. Estimates are that they lost roughly 80% of their races.

New Jersey Democrats expanded their majority in the state Assembly.

Voters in Santa Fe, New Mexico, overwhelmingly approved a “mansion tax” on home sales worth over $1 million. The funds from the new tax will subsidize affordable housing initiatives. 

Other Good News

Echoing the sentiments of Republican politicians and influencers all over the nation, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) had this to say about his party’s results in the off-year election –> “A complete failure.”

The 5th Circuit upholds a ruling that Louisiana’s congressional map likely violates the Voting Rights Act and gives the state until Jan. 15 to adopt a new map.

The Senate voted to confirm the *150th* lifetime judge under the Biden-Harris administration.

The SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike ended!

The 5th Circuit panel ruled that Galveston County, Texas violated the Voting Rights Act when it redrew commissioner districts.

The Supreme Court heard arguments this week about a ban on letting domestic abusers have access to guns, and appear to be ready to uphold the ban. The justices aired skepticism at the notion that Congress couldn’t disarm ‘dangerous’ people. It’s looking good!

Ivanka Trump lost her many attempts to avoid testifying at her dad’s financial fraud trial, and testified on Wednesday.

Judge Aileen Cannon ruled she will not delay Donald Trump’s May 20 trial over classified documents at this time.


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