Weekly Recap 10/28: MAGA Mike Gets the Gavel

22 days. After the first motion to vacate a Speaker ever, tossing aside Speaker hopeful after Speaker hopeful, the House Republicans finally got tired of 22 days of chaos and looking like fools that they chose an unvetted, untested, 3-term Representative from Louisiana to lead them. Some of the cartoons below will tell you who he is.

But first, some good news.

Good News

The DCCC (the Dems’ House campaign committee) has raised $23 million more than the NRCC (the Republicans’ committee.)

The army finished renaming the nine military bases that previously honored confederate generals.

Republicans were unsuccessful in challenging a new law in Nevada that protects election workers.

Franklin, Tennessee, which Trump won by 26 points, saw all of the far right MAGA candidates lose their mayor and alderman elections.

A federal judge struck down Georgia’s congressional and legislative maps because they diluted the power of Black voters.

Jenna Ellis flipped.

In a big diplomatic win for Biden, Turkey has agreed to let Sweden into NATO.

Multiple Republicans agreed that the Speaker debacle was an embarrassment for their party.

In a win for voters, the 5th Circuit upheld a 1992 consent decree requiring Louisiana to have a majority Black district for state Supreme Court elections.

The Supreme Court refused to reinstate Missouri’s unconstitutional gun law that would have prevented police from enforcing federal gun laws.

Remember when Trump boasted that in his economy, the GDP had risen to 3.2%? Well, the GDP under Biden just hit 4.9%.

The shingles vaccine is now free thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act.

Michigan AG Dana Nessel’s office has dismissed the charges against one of the state’s 16 fake Trump electors, James Renner — after he agreed to “cooperate fully” with the attorney general’s investigation.

In a sign that polling clearly shows that RFK Jr‘s candidacy pulls more support from Trump than Biden, Don Jr recently labeled RFK a “Democratic ploy.”

Call to Action

We’ve got so many elections coming up in 10 days! Please, check that your voter registration is active at IWillVote.com, and make your plan to vote. Vote early if you can! Then, get involved in some kind of voter turnout activity. MobilizeUs is a great place to find those opportunities.


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