Weekly Recap 10/22: Still No Speaker

Weekly Recap

This week I was obsessed with the Quest for a Speaker in the House of Representatives. The story took twists and turns, but in the end, one thing remained constant — the Republicans are in total chaos. The only thing they agree on is that they don’t want to involve Democrats as they try to solve their broken caucus.

Good News

The first piece of good news is that Jim Jordan is OUT as Speaker designee. After losing the secret conference vote on Friday, he bowed out.

Former Donald Trump attorney Sidney Powell has pleaded guilty in the Georgia election subversion case. As part of her plea deal, she will be required to testify at future trials for the other defendants, including Trump’s.

The next day, Kenneth Chesebro, the attorney who helped orchestrate the Trump campaign’s 2020 fake electors plot, pleaded guilty in the same case.

Our new Senator from California, Laphonza Butler, joined the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, which put the Democrats back in the majority.

Kari Lake lost her federal appeal to ban drop boxes in Arizona.

The Supreme Court, once again, allowed the Biden administration to continue fully enforcing ghost gun regulations.

A Texas judge ruled that Infowars host Alex Jones cannot use bankruptcy protection to avoid paying Sandy Hook massacre victims’ families more than $1.1 billion.

A former Florida lawmaker who penned the state’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law has been sentenced to prison for wire fraud, money laundering and making false statements in connection with obtaining $150,000 in COVID-19 relief loans.

A right wing social media influencer, who posted under the name Ricky Vaughn, was sentenced to 7 months in federal prison for spreading lies on Twitter in an effort to suppress Democratic turnout in the 2016 election.  

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker launched a national nonprofit group focused on protecting and expanding abortion rights in states across the country.

Call to Action

A majority of you have elections to vote in on November 7. It might be for your governor (Kentucky & others), it might be for your state legislators (Virginia for one), it might be for a ballot measure (Ohio can codify abortion rights!), or it might be for local positions like school boards.

Go to USA.gov and select your state. Check to make sure you are correctly registered to vote and then look to see what elections you have coming up. If you can vote early, go do that! And please, spread the word. A lot of people don’t even know an election is coming up in a few short weeks.


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