Political Charge Weekly Recap 8/26

It’s not every week that a former president gets booked at a jail and gets his mugshot taken. But that did indeed happen this week! And here’s some other things that happened.

Good News

All 19 defendants in Trump’s racketeering case in Georgia have surrendered at Fulton County jail, been booked and had their mugshots taken.

A new Navigator survey revealed that Independent voters think Trump is guilty by 67% to 18%.

Prosecutors in Arizona are ‘aggressively’ ramping up their criminal probe into the 2020 fake electors plot.

Here’s how the conservative news website The Bulwark described the GOP primary debate: “The opening question was about the song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond.’ The last question was about aliens and UFOs.”

On the day of the GOP debate, Dark Brandon blanketed the Fox News website and billboards in Milwaukee (where the debate was) with this series of ads:

DeSantis’ polling has dropped by 11 points since he “rebooted” his campaign a month ago.

The union representing 340,000 UPS workers said Tuesday that its members voted to approve the tentative contract agreement.

A Jan. 6 rioter who was armed with a concealed weapon as he led a mob that overran police on the steps of the Capitol was sentenced to seven years in federal prison.

A much-hyped biography of the former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has struggled, having only sold just over 3,000 copies in the first week.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has been told he will be subpoenaed to provide testimony at a court hearing in which former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will argue the Fulton County case against him should be removed to federal court.

Jack Smith’s team told Judge Aileen Cannon in a legal filing that a key witness in Donald Trump’s classified documents case has retracted false testimony after switching lawyers, and provided new testimony implicating Trump in efforts to delete security camera footage.


By Matt Davies
By Mike Luckovich
By Clay Jones
By Adam Zyglis
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  1. Ha, I like that last one! The death of Prigozhin absolutely qualifies as Good News in my book (although obviously not for him). Now, if the guy doing the pushing would croak too, the Good News broadcast would be complete….

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