Political Charge Weekly Recap 7/29

In the fast-paced world of politics, it’s not uncommon for events to unfold at a dizzying speed, leaving us grappling to keep up with the latest developments. But this week has taken it to an entirely new level. Coupled with an incredibly busy week at work, I had trouble staying on top of it all. That said, I did find time to seek out good news, so let’s get into it!

Good News

Trump got hit with a superseding indictment that adds three more counts to his documents case — it’s all about the cover up!

Michigan Gov. Whitmer (D) signed two bills to ban conversion therapy

Illinois Gov. Pritzker (D) signed a bill to protect people from deceptive practices at crisis pregnancy centers — the centers pretend to be health centers but are run by nonprofit organizations with a goal of stopping women from accessing abortions

Biden gave final approval today to overhaul the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Long overdue, it’ll strip commanders of their authority over cases of sexual assault, rape, and murder to ensure prosecutions that are independent of the chain of command

A former GOP gubernatorial candidate in Michigan, Ryan Kelly, has pled guilty for his role on January 6

Wisconsin courts rejected a Republican lawsuit that aimed to stop the counting of absentee ballots completed by military voters

Teamsters reached an agreement with UPS to raise wages for all workers, create more full-time jobs, and add dozens of workplace protections

Trump lawyer Stephanie Lambert has been indicted for illegally accessing voting machines in Michigan

The DOJ sued Texas over the use of the floating barrier wrapped with razor wire in the Rio Grande

There’s been a slight uptick with Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who say if Trump continues to run for president, they are likely to support another candidate (32% in mid-June and now 37% in late July)

Call to Action

Nearly every position in Virginia’s government is up for grabs THIS November, yes November 2023. The Republicans currently in control are trying to roll back all the great things Dems accomplished in the previous session, and it’s time for us to help turn that around. If you can, consider making a donation today to the most critical races in Virginia — check out what those seats are HERE.


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