Political Charge Weekly Recap 7/16

Weekly Recap

After a nice vacation over the July 4th holiday, I am back and ready to pull together a great recap of the last week. Plenty of good news to look forward to.

Also, a brand new social media platform popped up — Threads — to take on Twitter (which is such a hellscape now) and you can find me there at the same handle I use everywhere else >>> dhstokyo. Right now, you can only sign up if you have (or start) an account on Instagram.

Good News

President Biden raised twice as much money ($72M) as Trump did ($35M) in the second quarter

Inflation fell to just 3%! Which is lower than all of the other G7 countries!

Ron DeSantis is shaking up his campaign and firing a dozen staffers, even though he hasn’t yet been in the presidential race for 2 months

We learned that not only has Jack Smith interviewed the Secretaries of State in Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona, but he’s also talked to the SoS in Pennsylvania and New Mexico, as part of his investigation into Trump’s attempt to overturn the election

The DOJ is appealing the prison sentences that OathKeeper Stewart Rhodes and others received, arguing they should be much longer!

Twitter owner Elon Musk said that cash flow at the social media company remains negative after a nearly 50% drop in advertising revenue

The Michigan Republican party is broke. So is the Arizona Republican party.

Biden found a workaround after the terrible Supreme Court decision — The US Department of Education will forgive $39 billion in student debt by updating a technical requirement under a long-existing program

Mike Pence raised less than $1.2 million for his presidential campaign during the second quarter, and might not make the debate stage

Kari Lake (R) must pay a $122,200 sanctions penalty for pursuing a “frivolous” lawsuit in her effort to overturn the election she lost

U.S. consumer sentiment soared in early July to an almost two-year high, bolstered by easing inflation and a strong labor market

A New York court just ruled for the Democrats and ordered new congressional district maps be drawn

An unrepentant Florida woman got sentenced to 6 years in prison her her role on 1/6. She even earned herself a “terrorism enhancement” for stoking the mob outside of then-Speaker Pelosi’s office

The following were suggested to me by my social media followers:

The American Medical Association has proposed a resolution to revise its current guidelines regarding autism conversion therapy, recognizing that it is highly unethical and not recommended

The FDA approved an over the counter birth control

Sweden joined NATO

The Biden administration announced $20 billion in investments to help finance clean energy projects

Michigan passed a law to make child marriage illegal before age 18

Call To Action

This Wednesday, July 19 at 8pm EST, Swing Left is holding a 30 minute orientation to connect people to a variety of efforts you can get involved in to help elect more Democrats in 2024. If that particular day doesn’t work for you, the link will also list another dozen or so dates when you can attend the orientation. The orientation is virtual, so you can do it easily from home. Sign up HERE!

Editorial Cartoons

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