Political Charge Recap 3/25

While I know that Trump has no less than 5 serious legal problems he’s in the middle of, and that an indictment could come at any time, I still don’t know why everyone and their mother took his unhinged social media post seriously — you know, the one where he said he was going to be arrested on Tuesday. That’s all anyone talked about for a week and then, of course, nothing happened.

Not to say that he’s not in legal danger — he most certainly is — but why, WHY did anyone take his post at face value? Unfortunately the answer is an easy one. Because people really, really wanted it to be true. It’s really important to evaluate where information is coming from, and judge it accordingly. I sure wish the media hadn’t gone hog wild over the story.

Sigh. That said, I found a bunch of great news and cartoons, so let’s get into it!

Good News

North Carolina finally approved Medicaid expansion, which will affect hundreds of thousands of low income adults!

A Utah parent is using the new law passed by Republicans to target “pornographic” material in books at K-12 schools, to get the Bible, with its long list of NSFW passages, banned

A judge in Wyoming blocked the new abortion ban saying it runs afoul of one of the state’s constitutional amendments that gives citizens the right to make their own health care decisions

The 23 year old woman who broke into Nancy Pelosi’s office on January 6th was sentenced to 3 years in prison

The Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down the new Republican law that criminalized abortions

Apparently, as Trump’s legal problems have become more pronounced, Melania Trump has stopped going out for dinner and attending events at Mar-a-Lago

Judge Beryl Howell has ordered Trump’s top officials (including Mark Meadows and Stephen Miller) to testify in Jack Smith’s 1/6 probe

Kevin McCarthy’s House failed to override Biden’s first veto

The effort to recall the Democratic mayor of New Orleans, failed

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a historic repeal of the state’s 10 year old “right to work” law, in a big win for unions

Call to Action

If you can spare any time at all this weekend, please consider taking part in one of these volunteer activities (right from your own home!) to help Wisconsin flip their Supreme Court from conservative to liberal. Read all about why this race is so important HERE and check out some of the volunteering options HERE. Thank you!!


By Nick Anderson
By Matt Davies
By Adam Zyglis
By Andy Marlette
By Clay Jones
By Michael deAdder
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By Ed Hall
By Mike Luckovich

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  1. Remarkably timely for me… well, for all of us.

    I like your point about why we got caught by that. Wishful thinking indeed!

    My favorite political analysts had been looking at Tuesday of this last week for a very likely (not guaranteed) arraignment date, and the apparently last witness was Trump’s former attorney Cohen. I figured that the potential arraignee would have some insight into the proposed date which is why I fell for it, but then I wondered how he would know if the jury hadn’t voted yet. So I guess it was a delay tactic, which also got him $1.5 million grift dollars. I actually don’t mind quite as much as I did that he gets those donations – less for MTG et al when the time comes.

    Plus his really big crime attempts are getting throttled. I giggled when I saw the money laundering article.

    That’s the $8 million loan without repayment terms! from a Putin ally to prop up T* media (including T* Social) which was going in the hole after the SPAC (it’s an investment vehicle) was caught coordinating with T* media illegally). Since the whole crime-y effort would have given Trump a billion dollars, but he got caught, donations from suckers don’t bother me much. Though I would love to know if those donations were billed as campaign donations and to which PAC they went!

    Thanks for letting me geek out. That was fun.

    The Waco dogwhistle in the early 90s is also on my radar. It is being reported as “when the modern militia took off”. I tend to think of it as an exacerbation point, as the Sagebrush Rebellion starting in the 60s is more the starting point for me. (And of course the real starting point is probably the civil war.)

    Anyway, death threats to feds, hanging of officials in effigy, false arrests of firefighters and all that being egged on by GOP officials including federal reps all look back further than Waco for me. But a point I was discussing today! was that those things did not and do not get media attention, but they are no less serious for that.

    Some time, I’ll share my favorite death threat stories with you. It used to be a thing to share ours with coworkers. This is not new, and it’s not over, and I wish it were.

    Great issue as always. That’s why I signed up for Patreon support. It’s not much, but you are doing such important work and it matters.

  2. One more: Short this time! A few years ago NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence on 4/July as it had done previously. Washington Post reported that some Trump supporters thought NPR tweeted ‘propaganda.’ A couple of the cartoons reminded me of that. Thought it would make you grin -ish.

  3. Kathy B. Your post really says it all. We want it to be true because we want to see evidence that our justice system can bring trump to account. The alternative is scary and depressing. trump represents the worst of humanity and it’s infuriating that he has been allowed, and enabled, to wreak havoc on our country for all these years already. His spineless GOP enablers and supporters in the House and Senate are equally if not more guilty. This newsletter and a few others keep me hopeful. .That, and reading a post like yours. good to know you’re out there.

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