Political Charge Weekly Recap 3/11

I hope you all had a good week and aren’t too dragged down by the avalanche of truly horrendous bills coming out of Republican majority state legislatures. In case they are, here is some good news that I hope will lift your spirits, and as always, some great cartoons.

Be sure to check out the call to action at the end of today’s recap!! Important info about Wisconsin!

Good News

A Republican-backed proposal to rename of a portion of Nashville’s Rep. John Lewis Way after former President Donald Trump is off the table More

California announced they would not renew a $54M contract with Walgreens after the company caved to right wing demands to not sell the federally approved progesterone blocker mifepristone

The latest legal filings in the Dominion case against Fox News exposed Tucker Carlson as hating Trump following the 2020 election More

Tucker Carlson’s revisionist history of January 6th, which he tried to portray as peaceful, was publicly denounced by high profile Republicans senators

In Wyoming, a bill attempting to ban gender-affirming care failed to progress in the state legislature

A federal court in Arizona denied a Republican motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging two voter suppression laws in the state

The Federal Trade Commission has demanded Twitter turn over internal communications related to owner Elon Musk regarding layoffs as part of their investigation

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear is entering his reelection contest in a rare position for a red state Democrat: the frontrunner

21 governors created the Reproductive Freedom Alliance to strengthen access to abortion and other reproductive health care

President Biden’s public approval rating edged up to 42%, its highest level since June, as inflation has eased in the United States and job growth has stayed strong

A jury found former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder (R) and state Republican Chairman Matt Borges guilty of felony racketeering charges in connection with a billion-dollar utility bailout

Judge Gina Mendez-Miro was confirmed by the Senate to the US District Court for Puerto Rico, becoming the first openly LGBTQ judge to serve there

A major Republican initiative fails: A new USA Today/Ipsos poll finds that by a 56% to 39% margin, Americans say the term “woke” means awareness of social injustices, not excessive political correctness

Great Cartoons

By Michael deAdder
By Matt Davies
By Adam Zyglis
By Rob Rogers
By Bill Bramhall
By Ann Telnaes
By Marc Murphy
By Mike Luckovich
By Andy Marlette
By Clay Jones
By Clay Bennett
By Lalo Alcaraz

Call to Action – WI Supreme Court Election

On April 4, Wisconsin voters head to the polls in an election that could flip their state Supreme Court from a conservative to a liberal majority. This is a big deal and there are a lot of efforts to help get Judge Janet Protasiewicz elected (the GOP endorsed candidate is Dan Kelly.)

There are lots of ways to help her get over the finish line, but beyond donating (which you can do HERE), both Vote Forward and Swing Left have letter and voter outreach campaigns you can help with — yes, right from home!

I hope you’ll consider getting involved and/or sharing this info with others!! Thank you.

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