Political Charge Weekly Recap 3/4


What a week!

Good News

The top leaders in North Carolina’s legislature reached an agreement that is expected to expand Medicaid coverage

Biden is nominated Julie Su as his next labor secretary. If confirmed by the Senate, Su would be the first Asian American to serve as a secretary in Biden’s Cabinet

Sen. Rick Scott ramped up his ongoing feud with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell during his speech at CPAC

The Justice Department (DOJ) said that Donald Trump can be sued by US Capitol police in court for the actions of the mob that overtook the Capitol on January 6

Fox News sent host Brian Kilmeade to Florida to pump Ron DeSantis’ new book and when he live polled the audience in a diner about who they wanted to see as president, they all said Trump

Kellyanne Conway, who managed the final months of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, met with prosecutors from the Manhattan district attorney’s office re: their criminal investigation into the former president

The DOJ has sued 2 petrochemical giants for the air pollution in Louisiana that caused the highest cancer risk rates in the US

Mike Pence twice declined in a CBS News interview to commit to supporting Donald Trump if he is the Republican presidential nominee

Trump’s call to back off of sunsetting Social Security has split the GOP caucus in the House into two camps. How I love to see disarray on that side of the aisle

The NYPD must pay out $20,000+ to each protester they trapped using a tactic called kettling during the 2020 Black Lives Matters protests

Rep. Matt Gaetz got called out during a House Armed Services Committee hearing for citing Chinese propaganda while trying to make a point about cutting off U.S. aid to Ukraine

A Nebraska Democrat — State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh — has vowed to filibuster every bill her state Senate colleagues introduce if they support a measure that would restrict certain transition-related health care for minors

A federal judge excoriated Starbucks in court for violating workers’ rights hundreds of times during a unionization effort in Buffalo, NY


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