Political Charge Weekly Recap 2/18

Weekly Recap

I don’t know if you’ve looked at the kinds of bills Republicans in red states are trying to pass these days, but it’s really quite awful.

Between Wyoming legislators arguing against a bill to create a minimum age of 18 to get married, to Tennessee legislators arguing over just how strict an abortion bill should be and not wanting to make exceptions for LIFE of the mother, it’s enough to make anyone sick to their stomach.

We all know this won’t be limited just to red states. This is the vision that Republicans have for the entire country. As the 2024 presidential election starts to get going, we all need to remember and organize to prevent that. That said, not all is lost. Check out these good news stories I found this week, along with a handful of great editorial cartoons.

Good News

Fox News had one of their worst days ever as Dominion’s filing in their 2020 election defamation lawsuit became public. Find more on that story HERE

WI Governor Tony Evers is once again proposing an automatic voter registration program through his annual budget

AZ Republican Kari Lake lost yet another legal challenge in her doomed effort to overturn the 2022 governor’s election

Chuck Schumer’s Senate confirmed 7 more of Biden’s judicial nominees this week

A grand jury indicted father of July 4 Highland Park parade shooting suspect, saying he should be held legally responsible

Joe Biden continued to hammer the Republicans on their proposal to sunset Medicare and Social Security AND the media actually continues to cover it

Mitch McConnell (!!) went on Fox News to unequivocally say that there should be bipartisan support in defeating Russia in their war against Ukraine

A federal judge sentenced GOP operative Jesse Benton to 18 months in prison for funneling $25,000 from a Russian businessman to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign

One of Trump’s lawyers retained an attorney to represent him in the handling of sensitive documents at Mar-a-Lago (I recall seeing a meme years ago that said MAGA = Making Attorneys Get Attorneys)

Georgia released parts of the grand jury report into Trump’s interference in the 2020 election; more on that HERE

More good economic news: The Commerce Department reported that retail sales for the month increased 3% (they were expecting a rise of only 1.9%)


By Matt Wuerker
By Drew Sheneman
By Clay Jones
By Dave Whamond
By Clay Jones
By Walt Handelsman
By Ann Telnaes
By Michael deAdder

Election Reminder

WISCONSIN – You’ve got an important primary election for your state Supreme Court on Tuesday, February 21! There are two liberal-leaning candidates (Janet Protasiewicz and Everett Mitchell) and two conservative ones. Only the top 2 vote getters will move on to the general. Let’s make sure at least one of the liberal judges moves forward. Please vote and bring your friends to the polls.

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  1. I follow a litigation disaster tourism stream. We discussed the Dominion filing. Fox could be on the hook for 10 figures in actual damages, 11 by the time punitive damages get added in, estimated the attorney that leads the discussion group. They also can’t get off the train without acknowledging malfeasance, and if they do, or don’t fight the suit, their base will likely throw a hissy in the way that they do.

    The reporting is good, but the actual 192 page filing is pointed, accurate, and ferocious. I follow this and a few, curated other things for understanding of how litigation is going.

    The more I know, the better I can evaluate how T and the GOP and the litigation strategy are doing. The nutshell summary is that it’s going badly, hence the frivolous delay attempts – which are increasingly getting slapped down in various ways, even by judges that lean GOP and some that were appointed by Trump.

    For example, I followed the entire Cannon documents saga in the 11th Circuit which includes FL. The DOJ litigation was brilliant and the panel squashed Cannon and the Trump attorneys. They didn’t just win, they wiped their court shoes all over them!

    In other good news Biden has appointed 105 judges, largely white, female, and from a defender background. Where Senate confirmation is needed, that is rocking along https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/biden-appointed-105-federal-judges-outpacing-trump-obama/story?id=97200133

    Let’s flip back the house (Boebert is low hanging fruit) in 2024. And bonus points if you engage with the Democracy Docket effort – those are the folks fighting voting restriction and gerrymandering legislation, and those are the ones that won all but part of 1 of the Kraken cases. (The one didn’t claw back any Blue votes despite the effort.)

    Keep up the good work!

    Oh, bonus bonus points if you join me on Patreon to support Political Charge! I’m a regular reader and sharer on a fixed income, but I like my small donation going to this effort!

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