The Week’s Best Cartoons 12/17

By Mike Luckovich

How ironic that the deeper we get into the holiday season, the more the news is covering the antics of incredibly selfish people. Check out how editorial cartoonists covered the likes of Kyrsten Sinema, Trump, and Elon Musk.

Sinema Leaves the Dems

By Marc Murphy
By Bill Bramhall
By Rob Rogers
By Drew Sheneman
By Ann Telnaes

Musk & Twitter

By Bill Bramhall
By Michael de Adder
By Christopher Weyant
By Kevin Siers

Trump’s Trading Cards

By Dave Whamond
By Clay Bennett
By Clay Bennett
By Ed Hall
By Bill Bramhall
By Matt Wuerker

And Other News

By Bill Day
By Christopher Weyant
By Dave Granlund
By Nick Anderson
By Jack Ohman
By Mike Luckovich
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4 replies

  1. I feel genuinely sorry for anyone who has to own a trump trading card. (And yet, they sold out!)

  2. And to think, that there are, still, a lot in the population in the U.S. who are, eating up Trump’s lies of, “Making America great, AGAIN!”…

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