The Week’s Best Cartoons 12/11

By Clay Bennett

It was a very bad week for Republicans and Trump. Here’s how editorial cartoonists covered some of the biggest political news stories of the week.

You can enjoy more of each cartoonist’s work by clicking on their hyperlinked name.

Georgia Runoff

By Mike Luckovich
By Adam Zyglis
By Matt Wuerker
By RJ Matson
By Drew Sheneman
By Rick McKee

Trump’s Very Bad Week

By Clay Bennett
By Randy Bish
By Graeme MacKay
By Matt Davies
By Chris Britt
By Bill Bramhall
By Kevin Necessary

Sinema Goes Independent

By Michael de Adder
Throwback by Lalo Alcaraz
By David Fitzsimmons
By Adam Zyglis

And Other News

By Walt Handelsman
By John Buss
By Pat Bagley
By Lalo Alcaraz
By Steve Breen
By Marc Murphy
By Clay Jones
By Matt Davies
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