The Week’s Best Cartoons 11/19

By MacLeod

You’d think the week after the midterms would be quiet, but the big news kept coming. Trump announced his third run, Nancy Pelosi said she was stepping away from leadership, and Twitter continued to melt down. Here’s how the nation’s cartoonists covered it.

Trump runs again

By Steve Breen
By Paolo Calleri (Germany)
By Kevin Siers
By Monte Wolverton
By Mike Luckovich
By Matt Davies
By Ann Telnaes
By Michael Ramirez

Pelosi steps down

By Clay Jones
By Andy Marlette

Twitter melts down

By Theo Moudakis (Canada)
By Bill Bramhall
By Nick Anderson
By MacLeod
By Ann Telnaes

Plus one more

By Dave Whamond
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  1. Thanks for the usual great selection of cartoons! I don’t want either of those lattes, tho.

  2. Again a great selection, many thanks!

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