How to Help Win the Georgia Senate Runoff Election

Senator Raphael Warnock

By winning the Nevada Senate seat, the Democrats officially have the majority, but if we lose Senator Warnock’s seat, we’ll once again have to deal with a a 50-50 Senate. That mean sharing power with the Republicans AGAIN — negotiating every rule with Mitch McConnell, having equal numbers of members on committees, and not being able to issue subpoenas without assistance from the GOP. We can avoid all of that by getting Senator Warnock re-elected and gaining a 51-49 Senate.

Not to mention, we simply cannot allow the completely incompetent, serial liar that is Herschel Walker become a U.S. Senator. None of us want that, and the good people of Georgia don’t deserve that embarrassment.

The amazing grassroots organizers in the state have proved that Democrats can indeed win in Georgia. We all must get involved to help win this Senate seat.

One important caveat

Everyone across the country can help, but it is incredibly important to remember that we MUST listen to the people in Georgia. There is no room for error, and we owe it to the incredible organizers in the state who were able to flip the state blue for Joe Biden in 2020. They know, better than any of us, what messages will resonate with the voters.

If you plan to amplify this runoff election and Senator Warnock on social media, take your cue from his campaign and the organizations listed in this guide. Notice what issues THEY are focusing on, and make sure you follow suit. Nationalizing this race could prove disastrous for us.

There will be lots of organizations that want to help Georgia, but again, I think we need to help those who are in Georgia or in close contact with Georgia organizers. This belief informs what you see in this post.

Georgia voters

Request your absentee ballot HERE

Early in-person voting starts November 28 (more info HERE)

Election Day is December 6

For more info, Georgia’s election website is HERE

Ways to help


If you can give, please give. If you can’t, consider sharing these links on your social media accounts.

Donate to Warnock’s campaign HERE

Donate to Fair Fight’s runoff turnout project HERE

Donated to Black Voters Matter Fund HERE


Sign up with Warnock’s campaign HERE

Find active virtual events to volunteer for HERE

Vote Forward has a GA get-out-the-vote letter writing campaign. Sign up HERE

Jessica Craven’s incredible list of GA volunteer opportunities (including postcarding, letter writing, phone banking and more) is HERE

Text banking can be trickier to find but here’s one place to look: Go to Mobilize US –> Click on More Filters –> Select Text Banks from the Type menu –> Hit return

Social media accounts to follow & amplify

Rev. Raphael Warnock TwitterFacebook

Fair Fight TwitterFacebook

Georgia Democrats TwitterFacebook

DemCast Twitter

Read more about Georgia

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Warnock and Walker leap into Georgia’s Senate runoff

Shorter voting window could cut turnout in Georgia runoff for Senate seat

Thank you for whatever you can do to help Democrats win this Senate seat, even if it’s just to share this post on your social media accounts. Let’s go win this!

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  1. FYI – has a postcard campaign. It’s armchair activism at its’ best and run by @DemocratWit, a Georgian himself.

  2. We all can certainly use an intelligent and personable man in our Georgia seat. None of us like to be lied to. As well, we surely want to keep the gov’t out of our uterus. Please vote for the honest man for Georgia. We can’t live with someone who changes his story every other day. Thank you so much for your help. Cathey

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