Election 2022: 8 Days To Go

Voters only have 8 days left to vote in the midterms!

Tuesday, November 8 is the last day to cast your vote. I hope folks are banking their vote early, unless of course, your state doesn’t offer early voting. (Boo!) The great thing about voting early is 1) you can check to make sure your ballot was received properly, 2) it allows campaigns to stop trying to get you to vote and so they move on to lower propensity voters and work to get them out to vote, and 3) it gives you more time to do Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities!

To that end, I don’t know if you work or not, or what kind of responsibilities you have, but I believe each of us can do something to help turn out the vote.

You know those placards or door cards you come home to that have information about local candidates? Well, someone came by and did a “lit drop.” You can do that too, by calling a local campaign office and asking if they need more people to do that. While you’re on the phone, you could also ask them if they need any office help, or could you bring them some food.

If you’re more interesting in canvassing (going door to door), phone banking, or even text banking, the best way to get connected with those opportunities is by going to Mobilize Us. You can filter by your zip code to find a local effort, or you can look for virtual GOTV activities as well to help other campaigns that you care about.

At the end of the day, I hope you will do something beyond casting your vote to help push back on the rising fascism and anti-democratic forces in this country. Perhaps the ideas I’ve put here are a good start, but there’s plenty of other ways you can help to.

Thank you for taking action!

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