The Week’s Best Cartoons: Halloween Edition

By Bill Bramhall
By Mike Peters
By Marc Murphy
By Kevin Necessary
By Bill Day
By David Horsey
By Matt Davies
By Ann Telnaes
By Rob Rogers
By Michael deAdder
By Clay Jones
By Phil Hands
By Clay Jones
By Andy Marlette
By Matt Davies
By Pat Bagley

If you can vote early, do it this weekend! If not, make your plan to vote on Election Day: What time will you go? How will you get to your polling location? Do you know what ID you need to bring? Thank you for being a voter!

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  1. Voted with pride two days ago after spending all year on get out the vote activities with my Postcardia pals!

  2. We’ve got it easy here, voting by mail! But yeah, this election is TERRIFYING.

  3. We too vote by mail! I voted last week.


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