Get Last Minute Help to MI, NC, OH & PA

Believe it or not, it is NOT too late to make a real difference in turning out the vote in the crucial states of Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania!

A friend of mine is involved with a grassroots organization called Red, Wine & Blue, which helps suburban women connect with each other and learn how to organize to take meaningful action.

We know that women in the suburbs have the power to decide this election. They’re pissed off about politicians taking away our right to control our own bodies, and they’re worried about their daughters and what this will mean for them. Red, Wine & Blue exists because they know we need to do more than just vote.

They train people to turn out the vote by using a method called relational organizing. It’s really just about learning how to talk to people you already know and convincing them to vote. My friend told me that it doesn’t matter how political you are–or if you’ve never done anything political before in your life. They will train you and give you all the guidance and resources you need.

It’s quite simple — just sign up with your email at THIS LINK. The next screen you’ll get lets you sign up for one of their upcoming trainings, which they’ve got going on through the beginning of November. Attending the training doesn’t obligate you to anything — but my guess is you’ll feel compelled to start using your newfound skills to chat people up about the election!

If you’re concerned about one of these states, or you’re wanting to dive in to help the midterms in these last 2 weeks, I hope you will click on the link above and attend a training.

Thank you for taking action!!

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  1. I see why you are concerned about these four particular states, TS, but why not ask women everywhere to join Red, Wine, and Blue? Especially in Red States, where there are a lot of people who do not vote because they think their vote is meaningless. Just because a state is considered red does not mean it would be red if every available voter took the time to vote, and vote the entire Democratic slate.
    And on that note, why talk to only other women? Blue men in Red states need to be convinced to vote too. Give then a reason to support their wives, and the continuation of democracy, or whatever they are concerned about.
    And, truthfully, Blue states need to get all their voters out too. What do most Americans really want? To send a strong message to everyone that most Americans want democracy! Most Americans want women to have a choice about their own bodies. Most Americans want schools to teach kids how to be free thinkers. Most Americans want to tell Republican politicians to go back into the dirty fetid holes they crawled out of. MOST AMERICANS EVERYWHERE WANT THEIR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN’S CHILDREN TO HAVE A GREEN WORLD TO GROW UP IN. If Republicans win this election, the world will be changed for the worse, for everyone, FOREVER!

    • I focused on these 4 states because that’s the strategic focus of this organization right now. Also, it is their messaging I’m echoing when I say they are focused on women speaking to other women. There are plenty of other Dem leaning organizations that tackle different states, different races, and different populations.

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