The Week’s Best Cartoons 10/1

By Andy Marlette

Florida and Ukraine were in the eye of the news for most of this week, with of course, other important stories sprinkled in. Here’s how the nation’s editorial cartoonists covered them.

Hurricane Ian

By Mike Luckovich
By Clay Bennett
By Matt Davies
By Bill Bramhall
By Dave Whamond
By Nick Anderson
By Monte Wolverton
By Bill Day

Politics in America

By Matt Wuerker
By Mike Luckovich
By Clay Jones
By Clay Jones
By Ed Hall


By Matt Wuerker
By Pia Guerra
By Mike Luckovich
By Matt Davies
By Ann Telnaes
By Michael deAdder
By Kevin Siers

And Other News

By Lalo Alcaraz
By Marc Murphy
By Ann Telnaes

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2 replies

  1. I see DOJ is going after the whole shebang now that Cannon has tipped her hand all the way over. Just read the filing for expedited appeal. If they win, the claim on the legally seized documents go away and the rest of the investigation is “un-hamstrung”. They need the other docs to trace who might have seen/had them.

    Once he has to go before the grand jury they can’t develop at least this part case further (over simplification) so they need to go through with it, but asking to expedite the pending appeal should help.

    If someone comments pro Trump, ask them why they are so happy to pay their taxes so he can sell nuclear and other secrets while getting cops killed.

  2. Oh me oh my – not a cartoon, but the most delicious of amicus briefs… filed with the supreme court by “The Onion”. for real!

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