Do We Still Care About Democracy?

Deep breath.

In this country, we see evidence every day that David Frum was right when he said, “If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they won’t abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.”

We have election deniers running for office in every single state. And Republicans continue to ignore the wishes of the majority in this country, and instead work tireless to turn back the clock to take rights away from anyone who isn’t a Christian white heterosexual male.

But it’s not just America that’s seeing a wave of Christo-fascism. Last night, Italy voted for the most far-right government since Mussolini during World War II. Yes, Giorgia Meloni is going to become prime minister — you can read more about that election HERE. And right out of the gate, our U.S. conservatives were celebrating her win.

Meanwhile, we see brave Iranian women fighting against their repressive regime at great cost to their lives.

Daily we see Ukrainians fighting to repel Russia so they can continue to have an independent democracy.

It feels like so many forces across the world are working feverishly to blunt our progress, to take away our hard-won rights but at the same time, we see evidence of regular people fighting back.

I implore you, take what’s happening in our country seriously. We cannot let the Republicans’ backwards ideology get back into power — not federally, not in our states, and not in our own backyards. Please commit not just to voting on Tuesday, November 8th but also taking action during these final 6 weeks to convince others how important it is for them to vote, too.

It’ll take all of us.

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  1. Absolutely. Thank you for sounding the alarm about our need for ever-present and pressing vigilance. I feel like this is the death rattle of the old order, they are putting up a fight to the finish, that is why they are so damn persistent. We all need to push back for Democracy.

  2. Great blog post. We need to be ever vigilant & work hard on our Nov 8th election!

  3. On it and have been on it for 6 years. Pitch in!

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