The Week’s Best Cartoons 9/10

By Bill Bramhall

Here in the U.S., our news was dominated by Bannon turning himself in and other MAGA acting like dangerous dorks, whereas the U.K. dealt with the loss of their longest reigning monarch.

Bannon Turns Himself In

By Ann Telnaes
By Walt Handelsman
By Matt Wuerker
By Matt Davies

MAGA Hypocrisy

By Lalo Alcaraz
By Chris Britt
By Nick Anderson
By Darrin Bell
By Ed Hall
By Mike Luckovich

Trump’s Judge

By Clay Bennett
By Ann Telnaes
By Clay Jones

Queen Elizabeth Dies

By Ed Wexler
By Mike Peters
By Michael deAdder
By Marshall Ramsey
By Clay Bennett
By Michael deAdder
By Pia Guerra
By Clay Jones
By Ben Jennings (UK)
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