The Week’s Best Cartoons 8/20

By Pat Bagley

I was especially happy to see a handful of cartoonists pick up on something this week that I was sensing — namely, that the national narrative was turning around (for the better) for President Biden. Here’s those cartoons, and so much more!

Ascendant Biden

By Adam Zyglis
By Clay Bennett

GOP Rejects Liz Cheney

By Matt Wuerker
By Scott Stantis
By Bill Bramhall
By Nick Anderson
By Clay Jones
By Bill Day

Today’s Republicans

By Mike Luckovich
By Marc Murphy
By Pat Bagley
By Mike Luckovich
By Ann Telnaes
By Nick Anderson
By John Cole
By Andy Marlette
By Steve Kelley

Trump vs. FBI/DOJ

By Ann Telnaes
By Lalo Alcaraz
By Clay Jones
By Darrin Bell
By Pat Bagley
By Drew Sheneman
By Jack Ohman
By Matt Davies

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  1. Thanks, great sample of humorous comments!

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