An Avalanche of News That Will Make You Smile

good news
good news

This whole week I kept wondering how I was going to keep track of all the great news that came down the pike. For those of you who might be new here, what I consider to be good news is any wins the Democrats get AND anytime we see Republicans suffering the consequences of their terrible actions. With no further ado, here’s this week’s good news!

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, a monumental bill tackling healthcare costs and climate change, into law!

Trump’s constantly changing responses to the FBI seizing classified government documents from Mar-a-Lago only reminded everyone what a liar that man is, and drive down his favorability.

A federal judge in Florida ruled that a law pushed by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis restricting conversations around race in schools and the workplace is unconstitutional.

Speaking of favorability, the overall narrative about Joe Biden continues to improve. We got more stories like The same Joe Biden suddenly looks different and Breathing Room For Biden: Big Summer Wins Ease 2024 Doubts, plus wait until you see how some of the editorial cartoonists are covering his rising approval!

A federal judge in Georgia denied Sen. Lindsey Graham’s attempt to avoid testifying before a grand jury in Georgia investigating interference in the 2020 election.

The Florida prosecutor who was removed from office by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) because of his positions on abortion and transgender rights filed suit Wednesday to get his job back.

Gas prices continued to fall.

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested and charged with threatening the FBI after the agency’s Mar-a-Lago search.

Dr. Oz, who is running for the Senate in Pennsylvania, was epically roasted by John Fetterman, his Democratic opponent.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee pulled $10M worth of ads this fall for Senate races in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

Mitch McConnell is lowering expectations, basically telegraphing that he doesn’t think the GOP can win control of the Senate, particularly because of how terrible some of the Trump endorsed candidates are. Source

We learned that Rudy Giuliani is a target of a criminal investigation in Georgia into election interference by Donald Trump and his advisors.

The Biden administration created a plan to bring 7.5 million Americans in default on their federal student loans back into good standing, restoring their eligibility for financial aid and removing the incident from their credit history.

Andrew Yang was outed as having no policies for his third party bid by Jim Acosta.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced they wouldn’t play any games on Election Day and instead would encourage their fans to vote.

Trump Org’s CFO Allen Weisselberg plead guilty to 15 felonies and agreed to cooperate in exchange for a lower sentence.

For some fun, light reading, check out Vanity Fair’s roundup of all of the lawsuits Trump is in the middle of right now. The Complete Guide to all the Ways Donald Trump is Legally Screwed

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