What Happens Now After the FBI Seized Sensitive Docs from Mar-a-Lago?

I’ll admit it was extremely gratifying to see the Department of Justice go after Trump last week. We’ve seen his disregard for the rule of law from the very start but we finally saw the glimpse of what might actually get him charged with a crime.

If you want a great explainer of what happened, and what it means, I recommend reading Vox’s article, The Espionage Act and Trump’s documents, explained.

What happens next for Trump will unfold in the news, no doubt. But what about us? What should we be doing next now that we have this information?

For my money, what happens to Trump is really more about how 2024 shapes up, so I’m inclined not to spend too much time thinking about it, (other than staying on top of the story, of course.) But when it comes to taking action, I really think we need to get re-focused on the midterms, which are coming up in less than 3 months.

We have truly dangerous Republicans running for office at every level — they want to govern the states, run state elections, decide on what to prosecute in our attorneys general offices, determine what our students learn, strip more rights away from people, hand more of our hard-earned money away to the rich — and we must prevent that. Each one of us, in every single state, has candidates we need to make sure lose their race.

If Trump factors in at all, I think it’s to point out how extreme these Republicans are. Did they vote to acquit Trump during his impeachments? They’re blind to ethics and need to be voted out. Did they amplify the Big Lie long after Trump lost the election? They clearly don’t believe in fair elections and must be voted out. Did they defend Trump when it became clear he had retained documents he no longer had any right to, especially considering some of them may have jeopardized our national security? They are cultists with no regard for the rule of law and must be voted out.

The Democrats are the party standing in the way of Republicans taking over and turning our country into an authoritarian, anti-democratic, white evangelical nation. They deserve all of our attention and support between now and November 8th.

And just in time, the media narrative around President Biden and the Democrats is starting to turn around. Just check out this NPR article, Biden’s recent wins could give Democrats a boost heading into the midterms, as only one example. The enthusiasm on the Republican side is flagging and ours is rising. We must make the most of this moment in time.

So, pick 2-3 races that you want to concentrate on. Be sure to look locally!! Remember, there are insurrectionists running everywhere. Support candidates running against them by signing up for their newsletters, volunteering for them, donating to them, sharing information online about why you’re voting for them (or against their opponent), send postcards — you know the drill.

Consider Trump publicly getting into the crosshairs of the DOJ a win, but get your eyes back on the prize — denying these traitor-loving candidates a chance to sit in any official seat.

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  1. I am confused by the second to the last paragraph which seems like a call to SUPPORT the insurrectionists.

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