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As you may have noticed, I’ve been taking a bit of a break from Political Charge this summer. I’ve still been very active on TwitterTikTok, & Instagram, which I run with the same goal I have for this blog — that is to inspire Democrats and left-leaning voters to take action.

The reasons for the break are nothing noteworthy. I’ve been writing blog posts every week for the past 4 1/2 years plus my day job got quite a bit more demanding, so while I hadn’t planned on taking a break, I ended up taking one anyways.

But since I stepped away from writing — (I couldn’t quite step away from making the cartoon roundups!) — so much has happened in our country. The January 6th Committee hearings, the disastrous Dobbs decision and the horrifying stories we’re already hearing out of red states, and the steady beat of Republicans everywhere embracing fascism. There is so much to do.

Since the beginning of the year, media and pundits everywhere have been predicting a “red wave” this November — mostly based on the historical trend that the sitting president’s party loses big in the midterms. But underlying historical trends, there has been different “noise” that election and data experts have been picking up. And recently, more and more pundits are either hedging in their predictions for November, if not outright changing their predictions.

In essence, they’re seeing a bluer election this November.

In political speak, they are no longer seeing a “wave election” but a “competitive election.” If there’s anything that gets my jets going, it’d be positive news like that!

I don’t know a single person who voted for Biden in 2020 who wants to see the Republicans in control of Congress, of governorships, or state legislatures. But I also know I mainly interact with people who pay close attention to politics and are more likely to be regular voters. However, we need to make sure that millions of Democratic voters who don’t pay close attention — the ones who are much less aware that there are midterm elections to vote in — get to the polls and help usher in more Democrats and get rid of Republican officials at every level of government.

And that takes educating folks. Only, folks don’t want to be lectured. I’ve been experimenting with video to see how I can build an audience who is hungry for political news, to understand it better, and who are grateful to know what they can do about it. It’s been fun to do that TikTok especially, but I find that it’s really helpful to point folks who want to dig in more towards Political Charge. I’ve got a lot of posts that need to be written and I’ll be getting started on that right away.

In the meantime, I wanted to pop back in here, thank you for being a subscriber and bring you a little good news. The race to November is ON!

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  1. Absolutely agree. I’m searching how I can motivate those who normally don’t vote that this is still very important. I will look to your feedback to always give me inspiration and keen guidance. Thank you so much for all you do.

  2. The thing is, the people have to, realize, that, the current political party that’s, ruling over their countries are, corrupt, and get worked up, to, go to the polls, to vote the other way, but, unfortunately, the only, steady supporters are, of the parties that are, currently, ruining a country, and not those, who are, against them, besides, what would voting do, if the party in power, has a way, of, winning the elections by, falsifying the, results??? So, we end up, not headed to the polls, because, either way, our voices, don’t get, listened, to.

  3. Excellent! Welcome back. Looking forward to the race ahead.

  4. You are SUCH an inspiration and a source of comfort xoxox

  5. The race to November is ON!

  6. Good to have you back!!! I’ve missed you. I like your ideas about getting people who aren’t politically savvy to understand how crucial this upcoming election is … I think the video may be a great idea. Keep us posted. Welcome back!

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