The Week’s Best Cartoons 6/4

By Steve Breen

The same gun debate rages on and on, yet editorial cartoonists find new angles to cover it. I remain, as always, in awe of their talent.

The Gun Debate

By Michael deAdder
By Drew Sheneman
By Lalo Alcaraz
By Nick Anderson
By Adam Zyglis
By Phil Hands
By Dave Whamond
By Walt Handelsman
By Matt Davies
By Peter Kuper
By Dave Whamond
By Matt Wuerker
By David Horsey
By Rob Rogers

And Other News

By Bill Bramhall
By Pat Bagley
By Bill Day
By Kevin Necessary
By Ann Telnaes
By Ed Hall

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4 replies

  1. Schools are now, unsafe, because, there’s no stricter gun control laws, meaning that, anyone who felt like, can being a gun, enter into a school, and just, start shooting…

  2. Guns are out of control and no right-thinking person wants to arm teachers and teachers certainly can’t function confidently, being police deputies and toting a gun. Isn’t it enough that they obtain an education and work with children under enough pressure already? Teaching is an exhausting exercize just to maintain order and keep attention in a roomful of antsy kiddos.

  3. Thank our teachers by removing an unnecessary distraction of fear from a mentally-challenged boy so they can concentrate on education.


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