The Week’s Best Cartoons: Tragedy in Uvalde

By Lalo Alcaraz

Editorial cartoons are very specific — they respond and react to current events. But what struck me this week as I watched cartoonists share their work on Twitter, was that it was sometimes hard to distinguish which cartoons were drawn in reaction to the Uvalde massacre this week, and which were responding to to previous mass shootings.

The deathly chill that came over me when I realized that most editorial cartoons about gun violence in America are evergreen…

By Daniel Miyares, via Twitter
By Matt Davies
By Marc Murphy
By Clay Jones
By Michael deAdder
By John Buss, aka Repeat1968
By Clay Jones
By Mike Luckovich
By Pat Bagley
By Andy Marlette (2018)
By Dave Whamond
By Ann Telnaes
By Rod Emmerson
By Christopher Weyant
By Mike Luckovich
By Adam Zyglis
By Rob Rogers
By Ed Hall
By Garrix
By Randy Bish
By Phil Hands (2021)
By Nick Anderson
By Darrin Bell
By Marc Murphy (2012)
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8 replies

  1. Some of these brought tears to my eyes. Some of them made my disgust and anger increase. And all of them showed the proof that the we must take action. Get everyone to the polls in November. If they’re no longer in office, their power is gone. Let’s go BLUE 💙.

  2. The moral “high ground” for Repuglycans, “It’s not our fault! We didn’t pull the trigger!”
    The moral ttuth: Republicans supplied the triggers so that they could be pulled!

  3. Vote BLUE!

  4. The GOP is a fascist death cult. Period. Full stop.

  5. Despite the incidents with excessive use of firearms in the States, gun control laws aren’t, passed, because, of these, Second Amendment right supporters, and, there’s nothing that can be done about it, unless, the shootings happens to the families of, Republican, lawmakers, then, let’s see, if, the GOP still, vouches for the right to, bear, arms.


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