The Week’s Best Cartoons 5/21

By Lalo Alcaraz

The Cartoons

By Marc Murphy
By Mike Luckovich
By Matt Davies
By Lalo Alcaraz
By Walt Handelsman
By John Darkow
By Rob Rogers
By Joe Heller
By Mike Luckovich
By Clay Jones
By Kevin Siers
By Michael deAdder
By Ann Telnaes
By Christopher Weyant
By Mike Luckovich
By Clay Bennett
By Ann Telnaes
By Michael deAdder
By Michael Ramirez
By Ed Wexler
By Steve Breen
By Jeff Danzinger
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  1. Tokyo, well done. Great assortment that speaks volumes. As an American voter, I remain utterly amazed that a party that once stood for something now has no platform as one was not brought up at the RNC 2020 convention, that perpetuates bumper sticker slogans to appease a base and continues to lie for a former president as a right of passage to get his endorsement. As conservative pundit Michael Gerson said, “the Republican Party is in decay.” By the way, I was pleased to see the Australia voters kick the conservatives to the curb saying climate change and integrity are important. Keith


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