The End of Roe v Wade: What Now?

I have tried to write this post a half a dozen times tonight.

To say I’ve been a jumble of thoughts and emotions over the last 24 hours since we all learned of the draft decision penned by Justice Alito striking down Roe, would be putting it mildly.

I wanted to share my shock — not that I didn’t know that this was a likely event with a 6-3 packed Supreme Court, but shock that the moment was actually on our doorstep — but that shock has started to wear off.

I wanted to share my rage — I’m not someone who gets angry that often but the theocratic minority who is dictating this decision deserves my ire. That said, so many others have expressed their rage far more eloquently and passionately that I can do justice here.

I wanted to share my thoughts — about so many things. Questions I’ve seen come up about why this is happening, who is responsible, the history of Roe and abortion access, what is and isn’t in the Constitution and why, and more. But any of those discussions either feel moot or clinical at this point.

24 hours later, though, the initial shock has worn off and my biggest fear has not come to pass. That is, that women would meet this earth shattering decision with defeat, a “it’s all over, we can’t do anything now” attitude. And I’m happy to tell you I haven’t seen that. Not in my corner of the world. Instead, I’m seeing a growing, swelling movement to do something.

If there was any doubt, it is now clear that Republicans want to take the country backwards. They’re perfectly fine that SCOTUS is handing down a decision to make women second-class citizens once again. And if anyone thinks they’ll stop with abortion rights, they’re not paying attention.

If you’re not white, male, Christian, and heterosexual, you’re on the chopping block.

If you live in a state where the legislature and governor are Republican, your rights are good as gone.

But if everyone who thinks that Roe should be upheld (and those Americans outnumber the ones who want to overturn it 2-to-1), voted in their midterm primaries and general elections this year, we could stop a lot more damage from being doled out. If you have a Republican legislature but flip the governor’s seat, they can veto any abortion legislation. If you can flip a few seats in the state House or Senate to flip the majority to the Democrats, there’s no law that can pass the chamber to get onto the governor’s desk. Even if you flipped the state Attorney General, you could have that office refuse to prosecute any abortion-related “crimes.”

Get involved with these races now. Find the candidates who will uphold our reproductive rights and help them, in whatever way you can. I will do what I can to get that information to you but look around you — there are people mobilizing right now.

In fact, I encourage you to take part in any rallies or demonstrations that have already started happening this week and will surely be happening this weekend. Talk to the folks who are there — the crowd will be full of folks who either are organizers or know one — and get plugged into your community. Keep asking folks — How can I help? And then, when someone asks you, What should we do? you’ll have an answer for them.

Channel your rage, your grief, your shock into action. We must act to protect women.

Thank you.

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  1. This is women’s right, going back to before we were able to vote, maybe even worse, as now, the government has the final say in our, reproductive, tendencies, but hey, that, is what you get, when there are, mostly, conservatives on the bench…

  2. Exactly. Bringing a suit this egregious can and should backfire on the legislative and Executive side.
    I’m finding myself in reaction to this news as many are. I’ve forced myself to take a short break and to consider ways to support my local political allies (some of whom have a tendency to Eeyore whenever possible – probably as a defense, but which works out as an energy drainer for the rest of us.

    Strategies I want to bring into play – for those allies who are feeling overwhelmed, immediately invite them to “get out the vote” via postcarding. (Some of us are still susceptible to Covid, even with our shots, so I used a phone call to make the invitation, created some artsy postcards, and grabbed some “get out the vote” addresses so we could dive in right away and feel part of positive action regardless.)

    I’m already tipped way into stress mode – more than usual – so I’m setting up moments to exercise and do outside chores, in particular for disabled friends. I also plan to volunteer at an organic, Covid caution care friendly garden, and to help remove limbs (fuel reduction) with the older monk at the local Buddhist temple. I already volunteer for Team Rubicon – a disaster response organization with responders in Poland for Ukraine – doing a little daily paperwork stuff. I’m looking for a few more such things to back up my stress reduction so I can do more.

    Oh… and one thing I find comforting is to donate “the cost of a coffee, from my grocery budget” every time I feel overwhelmed – to a blue candidate (tons of opportunities online!) or to donate a little to community organizations. It doesn’t have to be much to help provide energy. Oh… and my first ever Patreon? was for Political Charge!

    I’m going on about all this because I believe that the stress of what the GOP is doing is intentional. Self care is a radical act. Political acts can be small, personal, and ongoing.

    2022? We can get this. We need to stay the course, and look out for one another.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • Kathy, you and I are so on the same page. Small actions can absolutely move mountains. Thank you for getting others involved. And I, too, hate the Eeyore’s that always appear.

  3. I’m not only disappointed, but I’m also infuriated. Infuriated that SCOTUS dared to even think about overturning this landmark decision (RvW). Shame shame shame on them. One court’s ruling is not for another to undo. Our bodies are none of their damn business.

  4. I am 71 years old and this is still my fight. I am sick and furious that these white evangelical christians are, once again, pushing their agenda. I stand up for choice, women, and all poc. Thanks for what you do.

  5. I share your rage and I am so grateful for you and your platform! I will do everything I can to get out the vote in Nov👍❤️‼️


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