The Week’s Best Cartoons: Twitter & Elon Musk

By Bill Bramhall

It comes as no surprise that editorial cartoonists were focused on the big news story that Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter. Many of them are on Twitter and use it as one outlet to share their work. Here are some of my favorite cartoons covering this subject.

Twitter & Elon Musk

By David Horsey
By Steve Breen
By Michael deAdder
By Garrix
By Randy Bish
By Pat Bagley
By Rod Emmerson
By Pat Chappatte
By Clay Bennett
By Stellina Chen
By MacLeod
By John Buss
By Bill Bramhall
By Matt Davies

And Other News

By Dave Whamond
By Matt Wuerker
By Michael deAdder
By Clay Jones
By Nick Anderson
By Mike Luckovich
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  1. i did not receive this week’s BEST POLITICAL CARTOONS .. What do i need to do to have them sent to our email address thanks

    • Due to unforeseen obstacles, I just published them today (Sunday) instead of yesterday. If you are subscribed to Political Charge, you will get them shortly or by the latest, Monday morning.


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