The Week’s Best Cartoons 4/9

By Lalo Alcaraz

This week spanned the emotions — the highs of Ketanji Brown Jackson being confirmed for the Supreme Court and lows of the conflict in Ukraine.

KBJ is Confirmed

By Matt Davies
By Drew Sheneman
By Adam Zyglis
By Barry Blitt
By John Deering
By Michael deAdder
By Randy Bish
By Bob Engelhart


By Michael deAdder
By Michael Ramirez
By Clay Jones
By Michael deAdder
By Kal Kallagher
By Clay Bennett
By Yuriy Zhuravel (Ukraine)
By Steve Brodner

I also saw these two images, that I wanted to share:

By Pavlo Kuchinsky (Poland)

And Other News

By Drew Sheneman
By Ann Telnaes
By Nick Anderson
By Ann Telnaes
By Clay Jones
By Ann Telnaes
By Mike Peters
By Clay Jones
By Tim Campbell
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7 replies

  1. The two you “added” were stunning.

  2. As ugly as the idea is, Michael deAtter’s green toon is about as horrible as a toon can get, and still be great!

  3. Tokyo, well done. The references to the malevolent acting Russian autocrat with blood on his hands, carpet, beneath his feet, etc. are scary and sad, as well as satirical. Seeing Ms. Palin though, begs the question a reporter should ask her on camera, “Ms. Palin, if you are elected, will you complete your term of office, or will you quit when the going gets tough as you did as governor?” Keith

  4. This are great!

    – Stanley Ipkuss


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