Let’s Flip the Senate Seat in Pennsylvania!

We have a great opportunity to flip a few Senate seats to the Democrats this November, and the Pennsylvania Senate seat is one of our best bets.

Let’s do a quick run down of this race, along with a few ideas of how you can help lay the groundwork right now to flip this seat.

Pat Toomey is retiring

First and foremost, the PA Senate seat is what we call “open,” i.e. there won’t be an incumbent running as Republican Senator Pat Toomey is retiring. Not having an incumbent in the race generally makes elections more competitive, which is an advantage for the Democrats.

The top two Republican contenders are former Bridgewater Hedge Fund CEO David McCormick and celebrity surgeon/talk show host Mehmet Oz. They are fairly close in polling and both have ties to Trump, although the former president has not made an endorsement yet. That said, both candidates bring a lot of baggage to the table which the eventual Democratic nominee could exploit.

Lastly, this is going to be a tight race. Some outlets are calling this race a Toss-Up, while a few are giving the Republicans a slight advantage. A reminder that Joe Biden won Pennsylvania by the slimmest of margins, 50% to 48.8%.

The Democratic challengers

Until the primary happens on May 17, we won’t know who the Democratic challenger will be. The 3 frontrunners are: Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, Representative Conor Lamb (PA-17), and PA state representative Malcolm Kenyatta. You can read more about each candidate HERE (click on their names to get their bio.)

How to help

If you’re in Pennsylvania, first and foremost, make sure you vote in the primary and get everyone you know to vote in the primary on May 17. For everyone else, I implore you to pay attention to who the voters in Pennsylvania want for the primary.

A great way to help efforts to elect Democrats in Pennsylvania is by donating to or volunteering with Turn PA Blue. They’ve got lots of ways you can take action to help them — explore those options HERE.

Until we have a final candidate, let’s focus on getting folks registered to vote (or confirming that their registration is still active), and ramping up enthusiasm to vote. Check THIS for ideas on how to help get people registered, and consider signing up with Postcards for Swing States or VoteForward which will be focusing on Pennsylvania, among other states.

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