Midterms 2022: Which State Legislatures Could Flip?

Interior of Michigan’s House of Representatives (photo by Lester Graham/Michigan Radio File Photo)

This November there are several state legislatures that could flip.

While the Democrats have historically focused a lot of their organizing on federal elections, in the past few years they’ve been investing much more heavily in the states. We need to support this effort by turning our own efforts to state politics, and not focus solely on Congressional races.

Here are the 5 state legislative chambers that are really competitive this year, and that need our attention:

State chambers that could flip

ARIZONA, House & Senate – Both chambers are within 2 flips of switching to a Democratic majority. Flipping a chamber would also mean ending the current Republican trifecta in the state (meaning they have control of the governorship and both state legislative chambers.)

MICHIGAN, House — The Democrats are within 4 flips of taking the majority. Taking even one chamber of the legislature would help Governor Gretchen Whitmer so much!

MINNESOTA, Senate — The Democrats are within 3 flips of taking the majority. If they can flip it, Dems will have a trifecta in the state!

NEVADA, Senate — The Republicans only need to flip 2 seats to take the majority. Let’s make sure to prevent that!

How you can help

If you live in one of these states, you should get involved with your local Democratic party as they have many active voter outreach activities you can join virtually. If you’re outside of these states, I recommend one of the following:

Swing Left is organizing for most of these states, which fall into their Super State strategy. Check HERE to find the state you want to help turn out voters and sign up for their phone bank.

Mobilize Us is the central event hub for all campaign activities for Democratic candidates. Whether you want to help with a text bank, phone bank, literature drop, etc. this site has you covered. You can filter the events by type, location, or campaign.

If you have trouble finding an event for the campaign you’re most interested in, leave me a comment or email me and I’ll do the best I can to hook you up with a good opportunity.

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